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Male Patient Modesty

Many people wrongly assume that men really don't care about their modesty, but that is not true in many cases. Many men would not be comfortable with strange women watching them using urinals and they don’t feel differently about female nurses seeing them naked. Many men in public restrooms can see each other using urinals, but that doesn't mean they are comfortable with women watching them. Many men are upset about how the medical community assumes that modesty is not that important to them. Some men who desire modesty in medical settings are mocked. There are actually many men who value their modesty highly. Some are afraid to speak up. Many hospitals don't have enough male nurses or technicians available to do intimate procedures such as urinary catheterizations and scrotal ultrasound on men. It is hard for men to get their wishes respected for an all male surgical team for intimate male surgeries such as vasectomy, prostatectomy, hernia repair, etc. Women are more likely to get their wishes for an all female surgical team for OB/GYN because there are hardly any male nurses who work in OB/GYN.

There are a number of men who never want to expose their private parts to other women even in medical settings. Some men desire for their future wife or wife to be the only woman to see and touch his private parts and they want to protect their intimacy with their future wife or wife. There are some wives who never want their husbands to have female nurses present for intimate procedures. Those wives are not crazy. They are simply uncomfortable with other women seeing private parts of their husbands. Male modesty is not a weakness at all. It is very admirable for men to be modest. A lot of men prefer that their wives give them bath if they are sick and in the hospital.

It is strange how many men get their wishes respected in locker rooms that no women are present, but then their wishes are disregarded in medical settings.

Men do have one advantage over women. They can take their shirt off with no problem. In many cardiology procedures, they don't have to worry about exposing their chest like women have to. However, some men with gynecomastia are embarrassed to be topless.

Please check out some cases where men's modesty was violated. You may also want to look a blog that a lady wrote about male patient modesty at "Yes Virginia: It’s a Prostate Exam".

Medical Patient Modesty desires to help medical professionals and hospitals to be more sensitive to male patient modesty and to hire more male nurses. Many medical professionals don't think it is as important for men to have the modesty they desire as women.

Men who desire modesty or same gender doctors/nurses in medical settings should speak up for their wishes no matter how hard it is. Wives should also be bold and do whatever they can do to ensure that their husbands' wishes for modesty are met.

Check out our online directory of men's clinics with all male medical staff.

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